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Blockchain explained

What is Blockchain?

People keep asking me this question. They think it’s a dodgy pyramid investment scheme. For some it is the future of everything, for others its passing tech fad ...
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Follow the Money. GSVSummit.

It’s true in education too, if you want to know what’s really happening you must follow the money ...
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Dr Mark Keough

Dr Mark Keough is a social theorist, consultant and researcher who has followed the journey of digital education since the Internet first established in communities in the early 1990's. Has led some large corporate digital learning implementations including global projects with Qantas, ANZ Bank and Westpac. Founder of Learning Management Systems pioneer Techworks, and later the founding global Vice President for jobs giant, Monster.com's Learning Division. Mark takes a vital interest in the community impacts of Internet trends on all learning communities, for all ages.

What is Digital Education?