A pedagogy for reading in the Digital Age

Social media is here to stay, but where does it belong in the 2015 classroom? This paper examines the foundation that reading provides to critical reasoning and places the skill of reading in a digital context.

At the end of 2014, Facebook had nearly 1.5 billion users worldwide. A significant number of users are under 10 years old despite the minimum age being 13. For the photo/chat app, Snapchat, 50% of users are aged 13 to 17.

It is no secret that school age children today view social media as a core part of their daily lives.  A world where adults are on the periphery, it empowers them, and enables a backchannel to the daily life of institutional learning and domestic existence.

Like children of all generations these young people seek to explore the complex world around them – the digital world expands while the parameters of their physical world are shrinking.

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