AlphaBeta Report Future Skills 2019

AlphaBeta Report Future Skills 2019

The latest AlphaBeta report commissioned by Google discusses the future of learning in Australia.

The report claims:
“By 2040, the average Australian will spend an extra three hours a week learning across their lifetimes, to keep up with the highly dynamic workplaces of the automation age.
According to AlphaBeta’s Future Skills Report, commissioned by Google, advances in technologies and automation sweeping through everything from supermarket checkouts to farming will drive dramatic shifts in Australia’s education and training requirements.”

The key question is whether our current attitudes to learning and educational institutions will meet the needs or will people just learn what they need for themselves?

Whatever your answer to this question, acquiring new knowledge and skills (let’s call it know-how) will need to accelerate as will the recognition of current know-how. If your resume and know-how transcript extend to 100 pages, then how will anyone get a handle on what we know how to do. Contextualizing our vast know-how may well be the new challenge. Beyond profiling analysis tools such as psychological tests veracity of ones, know-how in the context of a specific project or job role is a risky business. For me, I am looking not only at future needs, but future systems to understand how to fill the know-how gaps, reliably. One thing is for sure, I don’t think they exist yet.

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