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Problems with Personalised Learning

Fast-forwarding, rewinding, and pausing instructional videos are often cited as advantages of personalized learning, not because this is necessarily good instruction, but because it’s what the technology permits.
UK online courses booming

15% of adults in Britain have taken or are planning online course Around one in six adults in Britain have done, or are intending to take, an online course as the programs become more popular with the public and employers.…
Three Challenges for the Web

Founder and web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee discusses how the web has evolved, and what we must do to ensure it fulfils his vision of an equalising platform that benefits all of humanity.
Anatomy of Workflow Learning

Experience, based on behaviour and context, is the starting point and heart of workflow learning. It’s the primary anchor and the prism through which other elements are viewed by. Reframing 70:20:10, The Anatomy of Workflow Learning by Arun Pradhan