Emerging Systems and Standards


This topic will discuss how the convergence of different technologies can affect learning practice.  In order to understand more about the future, and present it is important to explore ways in which education technologies and resources  interoperate, technically and operationally, with the organisation’s management of learner services, performance, learning and decision support

Opportunities to improve educational infrastructure, systems and solutions are everywhere and enhanced by a vibrant and active Standards community. This week introduces such organisations as ADLNET, IMS, IEEE, and Medbiquitous and such emerging important technologies as LRS and xAPI, “Tin Can” Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Caliper for Learning Analytics

Key questions in this topic are:

Don’t I just need an LMS such as Moodle and some content?

What are these “jargon“ terms?

What do they do?

Why are are they so important?