Implement, Evaluate and Review Systems


This topic moves to implementation and evaluation of  the effectiveness of these approaches, based on these criteria

We will look at how to critically analyse and evaluate integration into educational delivery practices of ICT for learning outcomes


We will initiate, progress and establish the implementation of a selected social media community as a means of creating an implementation and evaluation “back channel’ of communication.


It is important to establish evaluation criteria as key performance indicators (KPIs). These measure the effectiveness of the implementation of the selected social media technologies.  These criteria should incorporate a regular reflection, review and report of the evaluation, in order to inform the refinement of performance indicators.

This topic will also examine summative and formative e-assessment methods, tools and validation techniques.

Key questions for this topic include:


Why do we measure effectiveness and what are the alternative approaches?

Must learning always have assessment?


What are the relative roles of formative and summative assessment in establishing effectiveness?


How does this work online?