Instructional Design Models


This topic will focus on how to design a short digital education program that enables learners to effectively use technologies that suit their learning needs

It is time to use  technologies, and software, that enable learners to get instant, and accurate, feedback on their learning

As a practice for the “real thing” we will prepare and document project management tasks, milestones, dependencies, resourcing, constraints and timelines for the appropriate learning models.

In other words the basics of a business case.

To support our effort we will gather data and prepare a report with data visualisation tools to present the planned effectiveness of implementation and instructional design principles

Key questions for this topic include:

What are the critical decision factors to consider along the way?

How can we defend our views on the best methods and practices in project design for Digital Education?

How can we design learning that will enable learners to be co-creators of their own learning?