Introduction to instructional Design


Instructional design is another term that has some varied definitions.  An Instructional Designer is usually responsible for the development of a content map or content storyboard. This integrates knowledge, case studies, narratives, and assessments in an overall topic structure for a Learning object such as a shareable content object, website, or other multi-media learning product.  While Instructional Design is a term popularised since the emergence of electronic teaching tools in the late eighties, the term can apply even to the design of a text book.

As instructional designers, we will plan learning programs that address different learning styles, and increasingly enable learners to direct their own learning using technology.  Instructional design sits at the crossroads of several social sciences including cognitive science, information science and educational pedagogy.  In terms of engagement it also owes much to social and media theorists.

Key questions for this topic include:

What are the consequences of poor instructional design?

Is instructional design mostly about visual appeal?