Introduction to Systems


In this topic we will look at  how and why systems such as Learning Management Systems emerged.

What problem do they solve and what new challenges have arisen for learning?

Is it important to find a framework to analyse and evaluate integration into educational delivery practices of various information and communication technologies for learning outcomes?

In doing so, we should consider the establishment of policy and procedures, look at the configuration of appropriate solutions and what the implementation options are.

Testing the solution using a model of application ensuring connectivity and interoperability with existing systems may be critical to success.

Also, critical to engagement are a range of social media environments, and organisational requirements suitable for the learning tasks in our purview. It is important to critically analyse and evaluate the critical success factors of social networking to determine the best fit for the learning task.

Key questions in this topic are:

Among the plethora of systems, how do we choose?

Is anything “fit for purpose” or should we consider a different way of thinking?

There is an established model of Online learning involving LMS and Social Learning tools. Is it sustainable?