Research Methods and Practice


Research advances in ICT resources in a given context, or in a vocational education and training area It is is important to determine the organisation’s strategic and learning requirements, then to clarify and confirm applied research purpose and needs of the target group

During this topic, we will take a deep look at research including

  • Analyse factors affecting the reliability and validity of data
  • Review relevant research ethics and codes of conduct
  • Prepare applied research strategy and hypothesis
  • Frame a research strategy in consideration of available tools and resources
  • Review and evaluate a range of applied research methods, theories and data collection techniques
  • Select appropriate methods to gather and analyse data
  • Use suitable technology and technology services to support data collection and analysis
  • Access appropriate sources of information and contributors relevant to the research
  • Optimise relevance of the research through integrity of the data collected and analysis tools used
  • Review data and research findings for accuracy of details and adherence to any legal requirements
  • Collate and analyse data for relevance against the original applied research strategy
  • Document and present research findings in a clear and logical manner consistent with audience needs

Key questions for this topic will be :

How do we Identify the need for and an appropriate approach to, further research?

How do we evaluate how research findings such as trends and changes will impact on learning strategy ?

How do we determine policies and procedures in relation to conducting applied research?

How do we establish mechanisms for collecting and maintaining data in a systematic manner?